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30 Days of…. Day 15.


Favorite Form.

Well, since there’s a bunch, I’ll hit each character that has em.

Sora: Final (To Left). God-Omnipotent, destructive, fuck-you-up in ways you didn’t think were possible, never going Anti-Form (which I hate) ever ever ever again. Fuck yeah.

Terra: Dark Impulse. Him embracing Darkness was the best thing Terra to do ever, and this command style shows it.

Ventus: Wing Blade. THIS. FUCKING THIS. Give up your Keyblade for 6 Seraphim-style Swords? Hell yeah! This is bad ass.

Aqua: Ghost Drive. This is really fun. I love this style. It really can’t be explained, just watch a video or play the game!


Favorite Trap?

This is really easy. Mirror Force. Destroy all Attack Position monsters when your opponent declares an attack. Lovely. I wish they didn’t errata the card though; it doesn’t negate the attack anymore, which is really stupid — that could actually cost you a game or two, like it did to me once. Put it like this: a monster attack in defense position.

Not getting it? Total Defense Shogun can attack in Defense Mode. I only had Mirror Force down, which, before it got Errata’d, would’ve saved my ass. However, it did, so the attack wasn’t negated, so therefore, while the rest of my opponent’s monsters were destroyed, TDS lived and attacked for game. Pretty lame, right?

Posted on May 29— 3 years ago
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